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52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH geo, geospatial, java, gis, spatiotemporal, geoprocessing, traffic, environment, R, R-project, earth observation, geoprocessing, spatial data, geostatistics, sensor web, search, mobile, eventing, database
Africa Soil Information Service afsis, soil, gis, agriculture, machine learning
Apache Software Foundation c, java, python, c++, perl, opensource, apache, erlang, hadoop, big data
ASCEND numerical, mathematics, simulation, C, C++, python, GTK, linux, windows, mac, GUI, science, scientific software, parallel, programming language, education, engineering, math, scientific computing, high-performance computing, OSX javascript, html, robotics, android, chromium, chromeos, electronics
BEAM Community erlang, elixir, erlang vm, actors, ejabberd, disco, xmpp, distributed, mongoose im
Bika Open Source LIMS Collective bika, LIMS, LIS, laboratory
Biomedical Informatics, Emory University biomedical, healthcare, clinical, imaging, informatics, machine learning, cloud, nosql, spatial databases, visualization, big data, data mining, web services, hadoop, spark, javascript, java, databases
Boost C++ Libraries c++, boost, peer-reviewed, portable, C++11, C++14, C++0x, C++0y
Boston University / XIA Networking, future Internet, crowdsourcing, Future Internet Architecture, FIA, XIA, research, Linux, kernel, C, Ruby, Open vSwitch, OVS, containers, LXC
BRL-CAD computer graphics, scientific computing, engineering analysis, visualization, CAD, CSG, SMP, signal processing, 3d, engine, 3d modeling, benchmark, raytracing, image processing, graphics, framebuffer, geometry conversion, computer vision, computer-aided design, symmetric multiprocessing, geometry, brlcad, ray tracing, constructive solid geometry, analysis, graphics conversion, mesh, solid modeling, web development, high-perforamnce computing, math, science, tcl, c, c++
Buildbot python, twisted, continuous-integration, ci, releng, testing, angularjs, web, mq
BuildmLearn mLearning, Qt, C++, Git, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone
CCExtractor development subtitles, closed captions, video, language, c, mpeg, h264, teletext, ffmpeg, linux, multithreading, network, accessibility, low level, ccextractor
CentOS Project Linux, Python, yum, oVirt, OpenStack, OpenShift, Gluster, Ceph, Docker, container, Atomic
Ceph Storage ceph, storage, software defined
Cesium Community geospatial, mapping, graphics, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, WebGL, GitHub
CiviCRM crm, ngo, fundraising, events management, membership management
Clojure Clojure, Lisp, Functional Programming, ClojureScript
CloudCV Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Python, Matlab, Javascript, Django, Node.js
Copyleft Games C, Python, Games
coreboot firmware, BIOS, embedded, bootloader, x86, arm, mips
DBpedia & DBpedia Spotlight Java, Scala, Python, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Knowledge Extraction, Entity Linking, Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantic Web, Linked Data
Debian Project os, linux, distributions, web, qa, quality_assurance, shell_scripting, web_development, python, bsd, php, distribution, bash, c, operating_system, database, science, debian, c++, sh, security, continuous_integration
Department of Biomedical Informatics, Stony Brook University Biomedial Informatics, medial imaging, bioinformatics, public health informatics, MapReduce
Django Software Foundation django, python
Drupal PHP, OO PHP, CMS, Database, Drupal 8, Symfony, Web Development, Web Programming, Web Application, Web Framework, SQL, Object Oriented Programming, web
Encyclopeida of Life encyclopedia, life, biodiversity, biology, taxonomy
FFmpeg multimedia, video, audio, movie, mp4, mp3, transcoding, streaming, libavcodec, libavfilter, ffplay, ffmpeg, ffserver, libavutil, c, asm, x86, filter, decode, encode, subtitle
FOSSASIA android, mobile, pattern, garment, CAD, social change, humanitarian software, linux, localization, android, web
Foundation for Learning Equality learning, education, international development, ICT4D, social justice, edtech
FreeBSD virtualization, hypervisor, os, operating system, bsd, web, compilers, qa, perl, shell_scripting, shell scripting, server, embedded, mips, arm, sparc, sparc64, i386, amd, amd64, x86_64, distribution, c, operating_system, database, pcbsd, freebsd, c++, sh, security, clang, llvm, audit, wireless, wifi, wi-fi, desktop, server, sandbox, kernel
Ganeti Ganeti, Haskell, Python, Xen, Kvm, Virtualization, Cloud, Cluster
GCC – GNU Compiler Collection gcc, compiler, c, c++, toolchain, glibc, binutils, gdb
Git vcs, c, git
GitHub coffeescript, javascript, c, c++, shell, python, linux, win32, ruby, git, unix, mac
Global Alliance for Genomics & Health genomics, health, big data, medicine, APIs, visualization, file formats
GNOME application, banshee, boxes, c, clutter, desktop, easytag, game, glib, gnome, gnome-shell, gnu, gobject, gtk, gtk+, gtg, gstreamer, desktop, evolution, javascript, latex, linux, mail, music, python, vala, virtual, wayland
GNSS-SDR software radio, GNSS, GPS, Galileo, navigation
GNU Mailman email, mailing-lists, python
GNU Project
Google Kubernetes kubernetes, docker, google, containers
Google Open Source Programs Office research, google, open source programs office non-strict, lazy, functional, programming language
HPCC Systems® ECL, Python, Java, Parallel Processing, Big Data, C++, Distributed File System, Scalable, Data Warehousing, High Performance Queries, ETL Processing, Git, JIRA, Machine Learning, Visualisations, NLP, High Performance Computing, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Data Mining, Hadoop
Institute for Artificial Intelligence AI, Robots
Interactive Spaces interactivity, sensors, framework, synchronization, ROS, Java, cross-platform
International GeoGebra Institute math, education, mathematics, Java, JavaScript, GWT, iOS, Android, canvas, html5, geometry, algebra, 3D
International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility brain, neuroscience, Python, C++, Java, Javscript, JQuery, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, XML, SOAP, REST, Git, GitHub, HTML5, PHP, Django, RDF, R, WebGL, CUDA, Travis, Heroku, Ansible, WebRTC, BitTorrent
IP-over-P2P Project virtual network, vpn, p2p, overlay
JBoss Community JBoss, Java, JavaEE, REST, Mobile, Ruby, Security
JdeRobot – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos robotics, computer vision, home automation, android, google-glass, wear, smartwatch, glass
jQuery Foundation JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML
KDE desktop, Qt, C++, Marble, Plasma, education, PIM, Gluon, Krita
LabLua Lua, LabLua, scripting languages, programming languages
LibreOffice officesuite, c++, spreadsheet, textprocessor, presentation, odf
Liquid Galaxy Project google earth, virtual reality, 3d game engines, geospatial, street view, panorama
LLVM Compiler Infrastructure llvm, clang, compiler, backend, optimization
lmonade: scientific software distribution math, mathematics, algebra, science, scientific software, distribution, package, image, image processing, vision, bio, graphics, geometry, 3d, opengl, qt, graph, parallel, threads, openmp, c++, cpp, python, java, shell, sh, bash, scripting, lmonade, flint, ilastik, vigra, fricas, singular, polybori, aldor
lowRISC oshw, llvm, javascript, go, golang, verilog, hardware, lowrisc, riscv, education, graphics, c, musl, kernel, testing, verification, fpga
MariaDB MariaDB, MySQL, database, proxy, C, C++, Perl, Java
MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan mbdyn, multibody, multibody dynamics, multibody system dynamics, numerical analysis, numerical modeling, structural dynamics, finite element method, aerospace, aerodynamics, helicopter, rotorcraft, wind energy, automotive, vehicles, vehicle dynamics, tires, trucks, engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, robotics, mechatronics, C++, university, free software, simulation, cosimulation, multiphysics, multidisciplinary analysis
MEDES-IMPS health, medicine, space, ehealth, spring, maven, java, git, gwt, android, couchdb, database, tomcat, emf, ecore, oaw, eclipse, jpa, hibernate
MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. music, metadata, open data
MinnowBoard Project C, Perl, Python, Bash, File Synchronization, Network Booting, UEFI, Firmware, SMBus
MIT Media Lab mobile computing, education, App Inventor, education technology
Mono Project C#, C, C++, Mono, VM, GC, Runtime, MonoDevelop, GTK, OSX, Linux, Windows, .Net
Moodle education, elearning, CMS, LMS, VLE, learning, teaching, primary, secondary, tertiary, university, PHP, SQL
Network Time Foundation ntp, ptpd, linuxptp, radclock, gpsd, network time
Nmap Security Scanner security, networking, network, ipv6, lua, c++, c, python, gui, linux, windows, apple, mac os x, packets, hacking, nmap, cryptography, crypto
NumFOCUS scientific software, numerical computation
OncoBlocks cancer, bioinformatics, genomics, big data, nosql
Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) OpenCV, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computational Photography, Fun
Open Source Robotics Foundation robotics, gazebo, ros, middleware
OpenKeychain (OpenPGP for Android) android, java, pgp, openpgp, gpg, security, encryption, crypto, snowden, k-9, mail
OpenMRS medical_records, health, clinics, ehealth, hospitals, hfoss, healthcare, emr, ehr, hl7, mhealth, africa, developing_world, poverty, global_health, dojo, spring, api, mysql, internationalization, l8n, mrs, i10n, openmrs, hr, human_resources, xml, hibernate, localization, search, localisation, statistics, java, maven, ict4d, phr, tomcat, database, internationalisation, html5, node, nodejs, ldap, express, groovy
OpenStreetMap geo, maps, crowdsourcing, java, javascript, c++, ruby, postgis, webgl, 3d, wmts, python, html
Openwall assembler, c, cryptography, cuda, fpga, gpu, hpc, opencl, openmp, password, security, simd, xeon-phi
Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) virtualization, kvm, xen, django, twistd, osuosl, ganeti, ganeti web manager, gwm, python, bash, api
OSGeo – Open Source Geospatial Foundation postgres, c, gis, live-disc, algorithm, java, c#, graph, javascript, mapping, maps, c++, ajax, geospatial, mysql, http, php, geo, mssql, 3d, osm, openstreetmap, cartography, science Live Video Streaming, P2P, Multimedia, Streaming, Internet, Video.
PaGMO / PyKEP C++, Python, optimization, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation, parallel computing, meta-heuristics, artificial intelligence, astrodynamics, space systems engineering
Pencil Code Foundation education, programming language, visualization, graphics, ide
phpMyAdmin mysql, php, html, ajax, javascript, sql
Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple pidgin, finch, libpurple, instant messaging, im, networking, gtk, glib, c
PLASMA @ UMass Domain-Specific Languages, DSL, Scala, Java, Mechanical Turk, JavaScript, TypeScript, JVM, Python, R, interpreter, compiler, networking, crowdsourcing
Portable Native Client nacl, pnacl, chrome, llvm, c, c++, compiler, compilers, systems, security, performance
Portland State University new projects, academic, odd projects, spatial, GIS
PostgreSQL Project database, postgres, postgresql, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Java, SQL, json
Privly Foundation privacy, security, browser extensions, javascript, cryptography, android, HTML5, Chrome, Firefox, Jetpack, Python, Ruby, Selenium, Webdriver, Content Scripts, Browser, Web
Python Software Foundation python, pydy, mailman, MNE, Moin, MoinMoin. Networkx, DyPy, Scipy, Numpy, Sympy, TARDIS-SN, Theano, Vispy, web, compiler, mathematics, wiki. magnetoencephalography, ECG, dMRI, email, mailman
QEMU emulator, emulation, virtualization, lowlevel, os, bootloader, compiler, kernel, kvm, xen, c
R Project for Statistical Computing data, statistics, rstats, r, visualization
Red Hen Lab linguistics, discourse, nlp, multimodal, communication, computation, statistics, search, opencv, audio, video, body language, cluster, corpus, archive, university, universities, global, multilanguage
RIOT RIOT, IoT, Internet of Things, Operating System, Open Source, Embedded
RoboComp robotics, framework, computer vision
RouteFlow routing, virtualization, cloud, networking, sdn, openflow
Rspamd spam filtering system spam filtering, email, high performance, event model
RTEMS Project real-time, realtime, real time, operating system, OS, RTOS, kernel, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSD, POSIX, C, C++, Ada, Go, Lua, Python, Erlang, space, robotics, unmanned systems, OSAL, embedded, Beagleboard, RaspberryPi, gdb, gcc, compilers, clang, llvm, x86, i386, ARM, MIPS, SPARC, LEON, PowerPC, multicore, SMP, synchronization, security, filesystems, tracing, GUI, graphics, Qemu, Simulation, Simulator, Waf, Automation, Testing, Standards
Ruby language, oop
Ruby on Rails web development, web, ruby, rails, ruby on rails
Ruby Science Foundation science, ruby, engineering, data visualization, scientific computing, c, c++, java, space, biology, chemistry, physics, graph theory, statistics, bioinformatics
Sage Mathematical Software System mathematics, math, python, cython, c, cpp, html, javascript
Samba C, CIFS, SMB, kernel
Saros collaborative programming, distributed programming, java, xmpp, plugin, eclipse, intellij idea
Scala Team scala, functional programming, language design, ide, sbt
Scilab Enterprises
strace linux, syscall, strace, tracing, C, qemu
Subsurface divelog, C, C++, qt, ios, android
Sugar Labs children, learning, Python, Javascript
Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) IoT, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, digital forensic, information security, mobile applications, e-learning
Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, Anita Borg Institute, Women in Computing
TARDIS SN astronomy, c, python, git
TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore java, app engine, SaaS, PaaS, cloud, education, JavaEE, JavaScript, GitHub, JavaFx
The Concord Consortium education, nonprofit, STEM, science, math, engineering, big data, analytics, simulations, modeling, mobile, responsive Web design, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5, WebGL, Require.js, D3, CoffeeScript, SVG, Vows, Amazon Web Services, Capistrano, SASS, Haml, WebCL, Pixi.js, AgentScript, AgentBasedModeling, git, GitHub, iPad, Android, Tablet, Mobile
The Eclipse Foundation eclipse, java, ide, recommenders, ecf, development, rcp, orion, javascript, c/c++
The Fedora Project linux, kernel, php, C, bashc, ruby, python, rails, buildservices, dnf, rpm, distribution, cloud
The Honeynet Project Android, C, C++, CSS, D3.js, DB, DDoS, DNP3, DNS, DNS, DOM, Data mining, Database, Denial of Service, Design, Distributed Denial of Service, Distributed system, Django, DoS, Driver, Exploit, FTP, Fragmentation, GUI, Graphics, HTML, HTML5, HTTP, Hadoop, Honeynet, Honeypot, Hypervizors, ICS, IDS, IEC 60870, IP, IPv4, IPv6, Java, Javascript, Kernel, Lamson, Linux, Malware, MITM, Modbus, MySQL, Networking, OS, OSX, Operating system, PHP, Packet, Processing, Processing.js, Proxies, Proxy, Python, Queue, Rails, RDBMS, Research, Reverse engineering, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, SCADA, SNMP, SOCKS, SQL, SSL, Sandbox, Security, Shellcode, Spam, Splunk, TCP, UI, VM, Virtual machine, Virtualization, Visualization, VoIP, Web, Web browser, Web development, Windows, Wireshark, iOS
The MacPorts Project
The ns-3 Network Simulator Project ns3, network simulation, emulation, C, C++, Python
The OpenBSD Foundation OpenBSD, OpenSSH, OpenCVS, OpenSMTP, OpenBGPD, LibreSSL
The OpenCog Foundation Artificial Intelligence, AI, C++, Python, Machine Leaning, NLP
The Processing Foundation processing, java, javascript, python, art, design
The STE||AR Group parellelism, performance, scalability, standardization, distributed computing, high performance computing, C++
The syslog-ng project syslog, logging, event processing, security, C, Java, Python
The Visualization Toolkit C++, OpenGL, Visualization, Science, Parallel
The Wine Project c, linux, windows, games
Tox Foundation Skype, secure, communications, messaging, im, distributed, hash table, decentralized, encryption, chatting, free, gpl, C, C++, GTK, Qt, Android, iOS, UDP, TCP, networking, groups, video, audio, chatting
Tux4Kids C, C++, Android, SDL, HTML 5, iOS, JavaScript
University of Nebraska – Helikar Lab bioinformatics, computational biology, systems biology, image analysis
Wikimedia Foundation wikipedia, wikimedia, mediawiki, wiki, php, javascript, html, css, opendata, i18n, input methods, jQuery, media, web, bugzilla, semantic
WSO2 SOA, Cloud, Middleware
X.Org Foundation Graphics drivers, X11, Wayland, Mesa, DRI, OpenGL, OpenCL
XBMC Foundation Kodi, XBMC, Retroplayer, raspberry pi, upnp, media center, multimedia
Xiph.Org Foundation media, streaming, audio, video, compression
XMPP Standards Foundation xmpp, python, java, c++, c, IoT, Things, erlang, chat, messaging, social, crypto, security